Digital currency wallets are an important tool to store the public and private keys of your cryptocurrencies and are necessary to empower the digital community. As a first step, OpenChat will consolidate the wallet for each OpenChat user account and applications built on the platform will allow for interaction with the wallet. By integrating the wallet to support millions of active users already on OpenChat, the wallets have the potential to become the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets in the world.


The Application Network is a global, decentralized, symbiotic application market that OpenChat offers. Users can download the products provided by third-party application developers here. The user gains access to the app by paying or providing valuable action/activity. Developers earn ChatCoin by issuing DApps.

OpenChat will maintain and monitor the network, making timely adjustments to the developer reward strategy to maintain the stability of the symbiotic environment. At the same time, OpenChat will encourage more developers to provide innovative DApps.


The platform needs a medium for operations before users can interact and trade with each other. Traditionally, this medium was provided by a reputable network owner. However, with the advent of the common foundation of quantum chains, we can provide users with a decentralized, de-licensed, trustless, and cryptographically verifiable protocol that grants fair access.

As the quantum chain evolves, the world has the technology necessary to create a better model of the Internet. We think the Qtum team will continue to disrupt financial technologies, the Internet of Things and decentralized applications.


OpenChat will continue to work with the leading exchanges in each market to use the ChatCoin token as a voting mechanism and adopt the OpenChat protocol. OpenChat is currently in discussion with several leading exchanges in key markets around the world. The adoption of the protocol and a standardized voting token will make transactions and exchanges more transparent.


Through the OpenChat network, you can keep in touch with family and friends and establish your own social circles. You can share other DApps on your information feed with your social network. OpenChat has also provided the fastest mobile communication with HD video, voice calls, and text that easily achieves high quality calls without delay. Applications built on the OpenChat protocol currently can support up to 20,000 people simultaneously in a group chat.