A powerful decentralized protocol based on blockchain technology

Mainnet Roadmap

April 2017

Market research, data collection, project design, preparation of funds and personnel;
May 2017

Research and development of the main chain officially launched;
March 2018

Completed the MVP development of the mainnet and conducted secret testing;
May 2018

The project made a major breakthrough and built multi-chain architecture. It supports cross-chain interaction and decentralized transactions;
August 2018

Complete the core structure of the main chain and upload the core code of the mainnet;
September 2018

Mainnet trial run, closed test registration, and recruitment of test volunteers;
October 2018

Announce results of the closed test and collect the revised plan;
November 2018

Mainnet security test. The authoritative security team conducts an all-round inspection and issues a safety test report;
December 2018

Announce the detailed plan of the mainnet and provide a guide for developers;
January 2019

Announce the mainnet core node campaign and recruit core nodes globally;
February 2019

The final debugging of the mainnet and announcement of the launch date;
April 2019

Start open testing and establish the reward-for-feedback mechanism;
June 2019

Officially launch the mainnet.


OpenChat is an open source organization founded by former Google employees. The main protocol deployed is a blockchain-based chat protocol called BIMP that is engineered from the XMPP protocol, empowering the use, transfer, and transmission of digital assets on top of communication functions. The protocol developed by the OpenChat team and the community has already been used to support many blockchain messaging and communication projects.


The OpenChat protocol is currently being implemented by various products adopting its technology, totalling over 300 million end users around the world. The OpenChat blockchain will become one of the most widely used blockchains in the world and will continue to diversify its market base.


With its roots in Silicon Valley, the team consists of members from all across the globe with deep expertise in blockchain and protocol development. Hundreds of developers have joined the OpenChat project community since its inception to contribute to the technological development of the project.


OpenChat hopes to build on the concept of social networking and social mapping to link billions of people around the world, and to grant tools to everyone on the social network blockchain to connect and to transact with each other through peer-to-peer communications, transfers and the facilitation of exchanges.

Strong Support for OpenChat

Many decentralized applications are currently running under the protocol provided by OpenChat. Decentralized applications uses financial incentives to bring other digital services and applications into the OpenChat ecosystem, such as providing the convenience of using digital wallets to facilitate transfers and exchanges. The OpenChat Reward Engine will provide ChatCoin as a natural incentive for digital service providers.

Aside from ensuring all parties operate under a common set of ethics and rules, as well as the legitimacy of content and transactions, the ecosystem does not impose any unnecessary restrictions or charges on monetization strategies, which effectively encourages more partners to participate and join the initiative.

Applications using the OpenChat protocol now have over hundreds of millions of users around the world, and they are committed to providing full support for the development of OpenChat. OpenChat will continue to support its partners adopting the technology through a wide range of channels.


    Dynamic information feeds from friends, news outlets, price quotes, and transactions aggregated in one place for you to follow.


    Through airdrops, new tokens will be introduced to the interested participants in the ecosystem as a way to increase circulation and gain attention as well as new followers for the blockchain project.

  • Virtual wallet

    OpenChat will consolidate and integrate the wallet features for each account so users can monitor their balance, send money and conduct other operations seamlessly.

  • Application Network

    Through the OpenChat platform, third-party developers can build their own decentralized applications using the OpenChat protocol and other developer tools. ChatCoin will be in circulation in all the applications built on top of the framework.


    In the OpenChat ecosystem, you can keep in touch with family and friends and build your own social circle. Share social moments or other decentralized apps with your social network.

  • Digital life service platform

    OpenChat will launch a number of decentralized digital services that will connect offline and online consumption and provide a channel for its payment network.


OpenChat team introduction


OpenChat is a fast growing, open-source community working to establish an incentivized digital life platform able to service all needs of the community.


OpenChat is building a new decentralized social economy network that will allow hundreds of millions of users to enter the digital economy without the risk of security or privacy intrusion. The network will be supported by tools developed by the OpenChat community, such as automated user incentive engines and multi-linked billing systems.


OpenChat is committed to bringing the digital economy into your daily life and to advocating for an era of decentralized social economy network. With its existing user base, OpenChat will be able to steer the standardization of the next generation of communication rules and practices.

Distribution of ChatCoin

  • 40 %    TOKEN CHANGE

Ecological construction

BeeChat is the first blockchain-based messenger app with an entire ecosystem designed to benefit the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.BeeChat is the world’s most active cryptocurrency community.BeeChat currently has been downloaded over 10 million times and has an active community of over 1.5 million members, which includes hundreds of key opinion leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
ælf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network with high performance, resource isolation and a better governance and development structure. In the network of ælf, the nodes are divided according to the type, and the specialized accounting node (full node) can run on the server cluster to improve the performance of the entire blockchain network; The "Main Chain & Multi-Side Chain" structure can effectively realize resources. Isolation, "Chain is Scene"; set up a system of entrusted votes for token holders to ensure efficient network governance and sound development.
Bytex is a new generation of exchanges for the Korean market. It was founded by the top blockchain practitioners, digital currency investors and technology geeks in China and South Korea. It is committed to building a world-class blockchain asset trading platform to provide users with Stable, Transparent, Efficient and Professional digital currency exchange services. Bytex, in accordance with mainstream exchanges such as the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange, establishes an information system management system that strictly abides by AML and KYC regulations, automatically monitors suspicious transaction behavior and manually audits affected transactions. The protection at the institutional level gives users more peace of mind.
Coinln is a professional media focused on news, information, market, data and other blockchain information in the Korean blockchain field. It is committed to providing blockchain entrepreneurs and digital currency investors with the latest and most timely Project Reports, Investment Advisors, Projects Analysis, Market Conditions and other information. Coinln has reported on several top summits in the Korean blockchain sector and is one of the main channels for Korean digital currency investors to obtain first-hand information.
HyperExchange, the other mainchain in HCASH system will be launched too, acting as the first system to achieve interoperability using a Blockchain Multi Tunnel (BMT) protocol, HyperExchange Axis, Indicator, smart contracts and other blockchain innovations. HyperExchange lays the foundation for building cross- chain distributed commercial applications in its ecosystem.HyperExchange is designed to help the HCASH ecosystem achieve value through connecting blockchains together. Through injecting resources into its ecosystem from its developers and integrating resources from other chains, HyperExchange can jointly build an ‘interlinked, bifocal’ dual-token and dual-chain ecosystem with HyperCash, with HyperExchange focusing on expanding the HCASH ecosystem.
Founded in 2011, PreAngel Fund has established 6 funds and managed a total of 600 million RMB. All projects are mainly distributed in China and the United States, covering mobile internet, intelligent hardware, medical health, sharing economy, financial insurance, and vertical e-commerce. Pre-creation companies such as consumer upgrades, women's consumption, sports culture, etc., the Pre-gel Fund's LP (Limited Partner, Investor) are the people in the Internet field or well-known companies. PreAngel Fund has invested more than 300 technology companies in China and the United States to invest 300 million yuan.
We have invested in over 300 tech startups from various verticals in the Chinese and the US market. Some of our portfolio companies include Medlinker, supermonkey, EHang, Ziyan UAV, Westwell lab, and Hesai Tech. We started to mark its presence in the blockchain space since August, 2014, and is the angel investor of NEO and ObEN PAI. We have also participated in the private funding round for various blockchain startups such as Ontology, ArcBlock, SmartMesh, Elastos, QuarkChain, Penta, MedicalChain, AppCoin, BitGuild, Zeepin, Gifto, Iotex, UGC, Ocoin, Scry, Bluzelle, Lino, Linkeye, Fortuna, DDex, Primas, Baic, Ocean Protocol, Origin Protocol, ValPromise, Bnktothefuture, Vancoin, Charter, Expread, Robin8, Zipper, VSC, DRC, ETP, Deep Brain Chain, and Caigentan.

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