The support team behind OpenChat is an open source organization founded by the Google former technology team. Committed to cross-border instant messaging application development and technological innovation. The company brings together from Google, Huawei and other companies of the technology elite. Has developed a number of different functions of the APP on sale all over the world. OpenChat is an essential tool for day-to-day communication with tens of millions of users in the emerging world market.

Company Info

The instant messaging software currently independently developed and operated by our company has an absolute advantage in emerging countries. We are committed to long-term, in-depth promotion of Internet users in emerging world areas of network communications and personal communication and serve the vast number of global users. The Company will continue to consolidate and develop its existing market advantage in emerging countries in the future. With instant messaging software as a platform to build advertising, mobile games, e-commerce, religious services such as multiple peripheral services. Construct a well-established emerging market online ecosystem. Create a one-stop emerging market life, work platform. And in the Middle East, South Asia, Central and South America, Africa and other rapidly growing emerging markets. We will continue to promote and provide more high-definition, secure and speedy communication services and a convenient mobile networking life experience to finally achieve the global strategic plan.

work team


He is a senior Scrum expert and senior software engineer with many years of experience in team development and project management. His goal is to develop a top-of-the-line, globally-recognized software product.


Java engineer and commercial software consultant specializing in backend development and microservices architecture. Nell is a senior development engineer for our blockchain solutions.


Back-end and database senior software development engineer, good at software architecture and object-oriented design. Over the years, George has focused on the design of product solutions.


Has many years of legal background, good at helping start-up companies and small and medium-sized enterprises from the beginning of its establishment in the financing stage to solve legal needs. Worked in crowdsourcing and cryptocurrency for many years.


The digital designer of the user interface, with many years of experience at Google, has deep research into innovative designs.


Brand Interaction and Concept Designer. With years of experience in graphic and advertising design, he is now working on digital design and development.