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OpenChat is an open source organization founded by Google former employees. The main definition of blockchain based chat protocol Bimp. In the traditional XMPP protocol adds a digital asset can be transmitted in each IM function. BeeChat will give its full support to all OpenChat projects.

Services billion real users

Radiation of emerging countries and markets more than 300 million users. Is about to become the most heavily used blockchain in the world. And will continue to develop a diversified market.

Senior R & D team support

Originated in Silicon Valley, the international team. 5 years of the world's major emerging countries and markets mobile Internet operating experience. Hundred people R & D team's technology accumulation.

Multivariate structure

Social network as the main link hundreds of millions of users. Digital currency wallets provide a variety of asset management solutions. At the same time connect the world's major digital currency exchange.

Strong Support for OpenChat

BeeChat is a decentralized application that runs under the protocol framework provided by OpenChat. BeeChat uses financial incentives to bring other digital services and applications into the decentralized OpenChat ecosystem in the form of communications & wallets. The OpenChat Reward Engine will provide ChatCoin as a natural incentive for digital service providers. In addition to ensuring common ethics and legitimacy of content and transactions, the ecosystem does not impose any unnecessary restrictions or charges on monetization strategies, which in turn encourages new partners to join the initiative. BeeChat now has hundreds of millions of users around the world, and BeeChat is committed to providing full support for the development of OpenChat, and OpenChat will continue to conduct a full range of decentralized research using BeeChat's support.

  • Digital currency Golden Boxes

    Golden Boxes will be the future of blockchain world a great pleasure. No Coins? Do not worry, we will send you a Golden Box coupon!

  • Virtual wallet

    OpenChat will consolidate the wallet for each user account. The associated user interface will allow the most common wallet interaction.

  • Application Network

    Users can download the products provided by third-party application developers here. Get access to the app by paying or providing valuable action.


    Through the Chat function, users can keep in touch with family and friends. Build your own social circle. Share other decentralized apps in your platform with your social network.

OpenChat Preview

OpenChat team introduction

Future outlook

OpenChat is a fast growing, open source community. Hope to establish a strong digital life platform and serve each user's digital life.

Go to a centralized social economy network

OpenChat will then build a new decentralized social economy network that will allow hundreds of millions of users to truly enter the new digital economy with highly secure user privacy, automated user incentives engines, and multi-linked billing systems

Clear and predictable future blueprint

OpenChat is committed to bringing the digital economy into everyday life. To promote decentralized social economy network era. With its huge subscriber base, the first OpenChat will surely become the creator of the next generation of IM rules and dominate the future of a digital economy.

Distribution of ChatCoin

Brand promotion
Team building
Ecological construction

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